Wednesday, 28 March 2018


At Aesop's Touring Theatre Company (ATTC) we don't just perform, we also teach others to do it.
Schools love putting on plays and children enjoy being part of them: usually at Christmas or other festivities.
Because we know how much this means, particularly for the parents and family members, we want the occasion to be very special.
ATTC has ten scripted plays that are regularly performed in schools, theatres, parties, corporate events where the children need entertaining, and in many other situations.
All these productions are on our website and they have all been created by us. We write, produce, direct, choreograph, provide sets, costumes and props and even compose the music.
We have been doing this for nigh on twenty years, so we do know a bit about it!
Why not let us help you?
If you have ideas, we can assist in developing them. If you don't, we can suggest some for you.
Everything is possible.
We will work within your budget to help create a truly memorable production you will be proud to perform.
Take a look at some of our audiences.
Thanks for reading this and until soon, Albert......

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